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Thank you for the words, my friends ♥.

Let's commemorate in song all the folks working their tushies off, whatever work it may be that is working their tushie.

Winterval, 2011

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You've seen me previously broadcast for original art and writing events at the community, pulped_fictions, so this is me doing that again. Most of you reading my journal are writers and artists, which means Winterval is the place for you, should you be interested in a little light-contact creative sport over the holidays. Winterval is an event in which writers and artists create a vast array of original work individually as members on one of three teams. My team this year is rein_dears, and I will be certain to let my team down, in terms of the sheer volume of work I will NOT be able to complete. But see? That's OK. You don't have to be the hostess with the mostess to retain your distinction as life of the party.

If you aren't a member of pulped_fictions, tell the moderators WA sent you and join-in. There are operators standing by!
No LJ cut, despite my deep love of LJ cuts.

Fic Rec | Anatomy of Melancholy rexluscus

Anatomy of Melancholy | Ianto, Jack, Owen | PG13 | Post-Cyberwoman

Totally one of the best Torchwood fics I've read lately and not enough people are reading it (based on FB) as far as I'm concerned. Of course 1) you don't have to agree with my taste 2) you don't have to read it if you're not into TW 3) you don't have to do anything I suggest.

But, you know, it basically boils down to some pretty outstanding writing, IMO, and even if it's not torchholding to your OTP, whomever that is for you, it's cool TW fic you may not want to miss.
Reccing this dynamite fic to ljers reading Merlin.

Live To Tell The Tale | planejane | Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Lance, canon characters | NC17| 28K | AU

Oct. 11th, 2010

Just stopping by to say that this journal will now be almost kinda entirely friends only. Any fic I write in the future may not be that way, but my past stories for now are achived. You peeps are my only readers anyway!

My life has been busy, and many of you I've dropped out of touch with entirely. But my dropping communication isn't a signal I've dropped interest in your goings-on -- not that I deserve any of you in the least based on my neglect. But my timing has been off. That's it :).

May. 18th, 2010



Someone pointed me to this community today and the concept of it is entirely vitriolic to me. I've not read the entries so shouldn't pass judgment until I review its content more closely. Actually, though, I don't think that will happen.

Why all the savage grudge matches? It's writing. It is hard work, and there's no substitute for hard work and there are few better things to do with one's life than tell a story. Not everything written in fandom is classy, but this site isn't a social!fail watchdog for fanfic.